ANWER - About us

ANWER was founded in 1993. The main field of firm's activity is export and import of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as processed products. The export markets are in particular Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania and Latvia. Import come from Spain and Greece.

With a trade policy aimed at meeting customers' requirements, the company has achieved a significant position both in the Polish market and in the markets of Eastern Europe.

Goods that are exported come directly from the farmers. Fruits and vegetables are grown in the ecologically clean Polish fields, processes products come from the best domestic factories.

ANWER Robert Weresa
Styrzyniec, ul. Wiejska 47
21-500 Biała Podlaska
Phone: +48 83 341 08 16
Fax: +48 83 341 08 66
Skype: anwer.styrzyniec